Do you want to become a member of Erlangen Cricket Club e.V.?

For further information about ECC Erlangen and membership forms, check here  🙂


If you have any questions before you sign up, you may contact our cricket President/VP. See below.

President Email Address:

VP Email Address:

Websites of interest:


Practice times   (Summer)                                Trainingszeiten   (Sommer)

From  April – September                                    Ab  April – September

Sundays 13:00am to 17:00pm                         Sonntage  13:00Uhr bis 17:00Uhr

All practice sessions take place at                      Alle Trainingseinheiten finden at ECG Erlangen Cricket Ground

Practice times   (Winter)                              Trainingszeiten   (Winter)

From October-March                                         Von Oktober bis März

Sundays 18:00Uhr                                           Sonntage 18:00-21:00Uhr

Franconian Int. School gym ,Erlangen               Franconian Int. School Halle

Attention                                                        Achtung

Changes or cancellation will be                          Änderungen oder Ausfall wird per

communicated via Facebook                             Facebook kommuniziert.

Erlangen Cricket Club                                       Erlangen Cricket Club

or ECC news                                                     Oder auf ECC news.


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