Sports Fest @Erlangen

Cricket für alle

On a bright and sunny day the opening ceremonies for the Erlangen Sports Fest 2015 “Sports Fest für Alle”, a regional Sports Festival organized by the Erlangen Sportamt.

The Erlangen Cricket Club (ECC) was part of this huge sports festival, which was aided by several organization and multinational companies located around Middle Franconia. A total of 55 different clubs participated and promoted their clubs. A huge variety of sporting action was provided by these clubs. This variety ranges from archery, ball over net games, basketball, bat and ball, combat sports and martial arts, football and handball.

The Fest started with dance and music. Mime and clown show gave the sports fest a different dimension.

Coming to cricket, the nets were setup within no time, as the required assistance was provided from the members of Erlangen Cricket Club (ECC).


Around 450 participants visited the cricket stand and were curious about the game. A small orientation was given to the visitors, who went on to practice and then ready to play a small match among them.

SFA2Mostly youth and kids used the opportunity to learn the art of cricket. There were some potential players for the future.

SFA3As the title suggests, it was “Cricket für alle”. Refugees from different countries like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. It was amazing to see that the people from the Middle East had great knowledge about cricket. After the orientation they showed great skills on the cricket field.

SFA4Other sports include games for the disabled. The focus shifted towards the facilities for disabled players. ECC demonstrated the skills and requirement for the same. This initiative was welcomed by the Sportamt Erlangen.

The Sports Fest was a great success, as it achieved its goal which was “Sports Fest für alle”. ECC played a leading role in order to achieve this goal.