Ground Location

Ground Address: 

Erlangen Cricket Ground:

Sportplätze an den Regnitzwiesen&lt,
Siedlerweg 1, 91056 Erlangen

Attention away teams: Please only use the parking area at Westbad, Damaschkestr 129, 91056 Erlangen. Its only a few minutes walk from there to the ground. Otherwise your cars could get towed away. See pic.
Achtung Gast Mannschaften: Bitte nur die Park-Flächen bei Westbad, Damaschkestr 129, 91056 Erlangen benutzen. Der Ground ist nur ein paar geh Minuten entfernt.  Sonst kann es passieren dass Eure Autos abgeschleppt werden. Siehe Luftbild.
Gehweg zum Ground
How to get to our ground
Our ground is located at the end of Siedler str. 91056 Erlangen next to the Mini golf course. Its walking distance from Erlangen Bahnhof. The white line in the picture below is a path which leads to the ground. Its a 10-15 min. walk from the Bahnhof.

The yellow circle is our ground. Once you get off the train, go towards the Groß Parkplatz, south of the Bahnhof, and walk straight through towards the path going south. (The path goes underneath the Autobahn)

If you don’t want to walk from the Bahnhof, you can take the bus line 287 to Schallershofer str. and then walk down the Siedler str. (see pic below)



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