Cricket in theFussgangerzone, Erlangen” Sterne Nacht Erlangen 10.05.2013.

The Erlangen Cricket Club e.V. was invited to introduce cricket at the yearly ”Sterne Nacht” in Erlangen. The organizers of this event are Stadt Erlangen, BLSV and BSJ (Bayerische Sport Jugend) The event includes many different attractions including shopping till midnight. Every year, a many thousand people use this event to spend a day full of activities and excitement while being able to shop throughout down town.

Along with five other sport clubs from the region, we were allocated next to the main mall street in the pedestrian area. Thanks to the mobile Flicxx pitch, we were able to show proper cricket with hard and soft balls. Many Erlangen shoppers were curios and I had to answer many questions. Most people know about our cricket activities in Erlangen and came especially to join the fun. Thanks to excellent organization and help from my club mates, we were able to spread the word about cricket in Erlangen and Germany. I had a self-made brochure about cricket and our club which many people wanted to have. Even a professor from Erlangen Sport Hochschule joined the fun and held a cricket bat in his hands for the first time.

Spvgg Erlangen (American Football) had there stand next to ours. So we had quarter-backs (trying) to play cricket and catch a small cricket ball which was not so easy for them. Us cricketers had the oppertunity to try out American Football. We all had so much fun that we decided to have a day of cricket and Football in September. First we’ll play a cricket match and then a football match against each other. We are all looking forward to that.

The good thing was that many jungsters joined in. Parents were curios about this ”Rand-Sportart”. The jungest person who batted and even managed to hit the ball was a little girl who only 7 years old.

The Erlangen Sterne Nacht was a very good event to spread the word of cricket in Erlangen. After winning the BCV Championship, being awarded the Bronze medal at the Erlangener Sportlerehrung and being invited to the Erlangener Sportler Ball, this was another highlight in our fast growing cricket club in Erlangen. Since this event, we have five new members who didn’t know that cricket is being played in Erlangen or Germany before.



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